About Us

Hytex Plastic CJSC is the company that producing bottle preforms, which are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin. The Company is has been in preform business for over 20 years, building a reputation for excellence in product quality, customer service and technical expertise. In 1997 the Company started production of PET preforms for plastic bottles, and rapidly secured a dominant position in the Armenian market and neighboring countries. Today, Hytex Plastic is a market leader in PET preforms having approximately 65% of the Armenian market for PET preforms and exporting its product to Russia, Iran and Georgia.

Consistency in providing high quality PET preforms within tight delivery schedules has allowed the Company to gain significant business relations with major beverage manufacturer in the region. Since 2005 Hytex Plastic has secured long-term supply contracts with Coca-Cola Armenia, Pepsi Cola Armenia, Coca-Cola Georgia, Pepsi Cola Georgia , Borjomi and other major bottlers of soft drinks and mineral water. As of today company running 6 Husky production lines for PET preform with total production capacity of 500 mln preform annually.Hytex Plastic puts its reputation above all as the leading company of PET performs in South Caucasus region. This reputation is achieved by emphasizing product quality, competitive pricing and high-level of customer service.